EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.


We deliver worldwide from California.
Please allow 1-4 days to ship out as we spend some time for the ink-ready.

$4.5 flat shipping fee via First class in the US. 

Approx estimates are:

Canada: USPS $17 takes 1-4 weeks.

International: USPS $20+, UPS worldwide $39+

*Customers are responsible for any charges/damages by their customs and carriers.

All sales are final. 

Getting started:

Start writing slowly and with less hand pressure, gradually add speed.

The initial nib interaction may be hydrophobic, but ink&feeder will start to settle into your pen after hours/days.

For questions and problems, please contact us. Dip pens are easy to handle, while fountain pens are affected by temperature of the environment or ink behavior, so sometimes a little tinkering might be necessary but it gives us experience. Don't hesitate to let us work things out together.