EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.

Flex nibs

No railroading. Solid. 
Finest hairlines by needle pont.

The disappointment users frequently associate with flex nibs is often due to railroading, an issue that occurs when ink doesn’t collect in the nib and creates characteristic railroad like empty strokes. Some try using ebonite feeders for their hydrophilic effect.

RUBATO Flex nib system was created with the goal of avoiding railroading, providing consistent and rich ink flow. And made especially for pointed pen calligraphy, both for fountain pens and dip pens. 

& May 2024:

The crucial improvement with Rubato’s pen is two reservoirs on a single nib. The main benefit of this is increased consistency of ink flow. Ebonite feeders aren’t really necessary. Eyedroppers works great as well as cartridges for EDC. It combats other ink related issues besides railroading. For example when using ink that’s too wet or heavy pigmented, a traditional under nib feeder will naturally lose control of fine lines.

Even for the non advanced calligrapher, managing ink with our system is easy. Whatever type of lines you want to create, this system keeps it all under control.

(Rubato's little invention.  More nib options)

G nib installed : Easy to control. It comes with upper reservor, consistent flow creates dramatic contrast, especially hairlines are made like this, freely!

Hunt 101 installed. The most flex dip nib available. It's bronze coated steel and thinner than G nib. And thinner hairline as well.