Thanks for visiting! My new pen ideas came to me from years of eclectic experience in handcrafting. Pens are made by me, Emi Schima in California. I've always loved G nibs for pointed pen calligraphy but experimenting with the Schmidt M made another story! I have the MB 149 and agreed...

I've got a lathe after joining Nor Cal woodturner's club. They kindly taught me how to turn wood bowls. There were so many woodworking tools I've never heard of. After a long process of googling, ordering, waiting another drill bit, tap & die, Harbor Freight, repeating and over 1000 pen blanks, I've reached the point where I make my own shimmery ombre resin blanks to turn.

Meanwhile despite the name Rubato (pen studio), poco a poco rubato my closet is full of classical music sheet books and the Yamaha C7 is a new packing station. Ahhhhhhhhh Valhalla. 
My background music when I’m at a lathe is Led Zeppelin 70s lives. They run for 3-4 hours. Thank you LZ. 

We were at SF penshow's the most hidden table. With a maskless dog 😀


There's one proven thing.