EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.

Deposit / a semi customized fountain pen


We are offering a semi custom pen.
{Launching prices now}

The process starts with a deposit $20 (& CA tax)
Just let us know your colors, cap design preferences, etc. at “Notes or instructions”, or send images at [email protected]
We’ll send you selection/option with photos.
You will receive an estimate or invoice, and confirm your desired choice.
Everything will be double-checked for the proper fit.

Fountain pen price starts around $100,
Dip pen with upper&down reservoir starts $90,
+ tax + $4.50 ground shipping.
Fine, stub M, stub B are available for an additional $10+, $20+
Jowo #6 is + $30 and fits in a longer cap or a crown top cap.

✓ Strong shock-resistance resin
✓ High-end clear, shimmery resin
✓ Mix-&-Match
✓ No crackable-acrylic used
✓ Ornaments / real flowers inlayed
✓ Round corners
✓ Hand-turned & polished
✓ Crown head to stop rolling

Width: Approx. 15mm Length: 95mm - 130mm posted.
Handmade in CA, USA