EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.

Flex fountain Pen / Rubato’s upper reservoir + G nib / Floral Saint

$90.00 - $120.00

An updated model with Rubato’s soft upper reservoir for flex nibs.
✓ No railroading
✓ Needlepoint hairlines as advanced usage
✓ Avoiding clogging
Dip & holding shimmering/pigmented ink in this upper reservoir so that regular inks only through an in&under feeder.

✓ Strong shock-resistance resin
✓ High-end, clear, shimmery resin
✓ Mix-&-Match
✓ No use of acrylic
✓ Brass bee inlaid
✓ Round corners
✓ Crown top - pompom removable
✓ Hand-turned & polished

1. Eyedropper system
2. Eyedropper and cartridge system (including 2 different feeders. 2 G nibs, 2 reservoirs)
3. Without nib& section. Visit Add On page to order one.

Vintage dip nibs compatible.
i.e. Hunt 101, 56, Leonaldt Principal, Brause Rose &et..
Filling options : Int’l short cartridge / Eye dropper
Ink capacity: Up to 3ml eye dropper, or 0.7ml cartridge

Width: Approx. 15mm Length: 95mm - 130mm
Handmade in CA