EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.

Kitschy fountain pen / DIY πŸ’


It’s an unique ornaments polka dots inlaid.
πŸ˜† PLUS, added tiny stickers cherries πŸ’ & 🌺 to finish the deco πŸ˜‚ You can redo this portion whenever you like & 🐝 😊

βœ“ Strong shock-resistance resin
βœ“ High-end clear, shimmery resin
βœ“ Mix-&-Match
βœ“ No acrylic (crackable) used
βœ“ Real flowers / motif inlayed
βœ“ Round corners
βœ“ Hand-turned & polished

#5 Schmidt nib.
Filling options : Int’l short cartridge / Eye dropper
Ink capacity: Up to 3ml eye dropper, or 0.7ml cartridge.

Width: Approx. 15mm Length: 95mm - 130mm
Handmade in CA, USA