EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.
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Rubato’s Upper Reservoir for Flex nibs / Oblique Holder / Short, Mistick B


For pointed pen calligraphy.

A must for pointed pen calligraphy.

“Rubato’s upper reservoir”
An updated model for flex nibs. It’s soft enough let tines spread widely and has an embossed space to hold ink.
This feeder system allows for:
✓ Solid, wide lines from increased ink flow
✓ Needle thin, fine hairlines
✓ Holding a lower simple feeder.

G nib installed. Vintage dip nibs compatible.
i.e. Hunt 101, 56, Leonaldt Principal, Brause Rose

Short & Comfy to hold.
Neck area 9mm, Thickest area 13mm ⌀