EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.
Coming soon

White lights / TASCA / Rubato’s pocket fountain pen

$110.00 - $130.00

The barrel has a glittery window to view ink through.
The last photo demonstrates how the crown top can prevent your pen from rolling over.

✓ Strong shock-resistance & shimmery resin
✓ Mix-&-Match
✓ Inlaid with real pressed flowers
✓ Hand-turned & polished
✓ Crown head to stop rolling & to hold charms or pompom.

#5 Schmidt nib. Size M.

Filling options : Int’l short cartridge / Eye dropper
Ink capacity: Up to 3ml eye dropper, or 0.7ml cartridge.

Approx 10g
Capped 94mm Posted 13.5mm
Width: Approx. 14mm

Handmade in CA, USA