EXCLUSIVE. No railroading & finest needle point ~ Flex G fountain pens will be available.
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Polka Dots arthouse / Pocket Fountain Pen / EDC


With the pearly translucent cap, polka dots, the cutest element here are combined with nostalgic colors in the barrel.

*Photos shows stronger contrast due to sunlight.

✓ Strong shock-resistance resin
✓ High-end clear, shimmery resin
✓ Mix-&-Match
✓ No crackable acrylic parts used
✓ Inlaid with real pressed flowers
✓ Hand-turned & polished
✓ Crown head to stop rolling

#5 Schmidt nib M

Filling options : Int’l short cartridge / Eye dropper
Ink capacity: Up to 3ml eye dropper, or 0.7ml cartridge

Approx. 10g, Length: Capped 100mm, Posted 135mm, Width: Approx. 15mm
Cap triple thread. Quick and less thread is visible.

Handmade in CA, USA.