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NIB LATHE starter kit. SKEWER


After experimentation and much research, Rubato discovered that the ideal way to grind/polish nibs is with ‘SKEWER’, the mounted wheels from Europe.

The benefit is that without the repetitive process of stopping to change rotary bits, you can keep up the pace until the job is done. It makes work fast and precise.

It's a better fit, no need for a sleeve piece because it's wrapped with silicone and makes no noise.

{Nib Lathe}
An inexpensive table top mini lathe (w/drill chuck) is suitable for nib grinding and polishing, since all nib refining requires is a light touch.

A nib holder, a wheel and extra polishing items are included while supplies last.
If you prefer slower speeds, a lower voltage controlled adaptor will help. Mine works at 1000 - 7000rpm.
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The list includes the best compound to shine.

Update. (Currently takes 2 weeks to ship out)